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Boston Tour  
Exploring city of Boston and Harvard University

Duration: 4 hrs
Type of the tour
: private, only for you, not in the group   
Transport: Minivan or SUV
Number of tourists: from 1 to 8
Pickup: your hotel
Drop-off: your hotel or restaurant
Price: from $500

Picture taken during the Boston Tour with New York Tours Plus by your tour guide, YAROSLAV BONDARENKO
Description of Boston Tour

Boston and Harvard Tour

Boston is the most European of all American cities, the quietest and greenest of the large US metropolitan areas, the most historical and at the same time modern, the most pedestrian and at the same time convenient for driving, the center of science, art and education, as well as sports and government. Don’t even try to resist your emotions when come to Boston - it’s impossible not to fall in love with this city from the first sight!

A tour of Boston takes about 4 or 5 hours, depending on the city traffic and our desire to walk. During this sightseeing tour, we will see, visit and discuss the following sights of Boston:

- Harvard University, located in Cambridge, MA, just outside of Boston;

- the historic site of the Boston Tea Party, an event that became a harbinger of the American Revolution and the War of Independence. The famous tea clippers are waiting for your selfies and photos!;

- the oldest sailing ship of the US Navy, USS Constitution, she is also the oldest warship in the world that is still in service with the fleet;

- Boston Library and Holy Trinity Church - the second library in the United States in terms of the number of books and, undoubtedly, the first in beauty and decoration;

- Beacon Hill - the most expensive and prestigious area of Boston;

- Boston Commons and Boston City Park - beautiful and cozy parks in the city center that rightfully compete with New York's Central Park for the title of the most famous city park in the country;

- the historical center of the city. A Boston guide will introduce you to the main public and historical buildings of the capital of Massachusetts while walking through such attractions: the State Capitol, the old City Hall, the burial site of President Adams, Quincy Market (delicious food!), Faneuil Hall, the Holocaust memorial, the Church Christian Science, Boston Museum of Art, etc.


The tour usually begins at 10:00 or 10:30 in the lobby of your hotel.


This is a private tour, a licensed sightseeing guide of New York City is at your disposal throughout the entire tour.

Photos from Boston Tour
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