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1-day trip to Washington DC
from NYC

With 4-5 hrs sightseeing tour in Washington DC

Duration: all day
Type of the tour: all day private, only for you, not in the group  
Transport: luxury SUV GMC Yukon
Number of tourists: from 1 to 6
Pickup: at your hotel or at address
Drop-off: back at your hotel in Manhattan or in DC
Price: $1,250

White House as seen during the 1-day NYC-DC-NYC Tour with New York Tours Plus. Image by Yaroslav Bondarenko
NYC-DC-NYC 1-day trip

1-day trip from the 'Capital of the World' to the capital of the United States 
NYC-DC-NYC private tour with the licensed sightseeing tour guide

While you are in New York CIty, why don't you have one day planned to travel and explore the capital of the United States, Washington DC.

We usually start early in the morning, to get past rush hour leaving Manhattan, so I'll pick you up from your hotel around 7:00 am, or earlier if you don't mind.

After 4 hours of a comfortable ride, we will begin a sightseeing tour of the District of Columbia, which is also the city of Washington, which is also the capital of the United States of America.

Here is what we will see and discuss:

- Library of Congress (the largest library in the world);

- the building of the US Congress (the one that's on the U$50 bill) - sometimes in the slow season, if the ticket lines are short, you can get on a 1-hour tour inside the Capitol;

— National Mall (open green space is always a great backdrop for photos);

- Museum of Aeronautics and Space (Yuri Gagarin's spacesuit and Moon landing modules, yes, they are there);

- Stella of George Washington (the tallest stone structure in the world);

- The White House (if we're lucky, we'll see the President);

- memorials of the Second World War, the Korean and Vietnam War (this is unusual, revealing and interesting);

- the Abraham Lincoln and Albert Einstein Memorial (the one on the $5 bill, amazing views like in famous movies);

- Arlington Memorial Cemetery, Pentagon Building, Memorial 911 (the only point where you can take pictures of the Pentagon building);

The city tour lasts approximately 4-5 hours, including a quick lunch.

We arrive back home to New York City around 10PM, tired, but full of impressions, emotions and new knowledge.

This is a private tour, a licensed sightseeing guide is at your disposal throughout the entire tour.

Photos of 1-day NYC-DC-NYC
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