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Downtown Walking Tour 
Exploring Lower Manhattan on Foot

Duration: 3 hrs

Type of the tour: private, only for you, not in the group  
Transport: NYC Subway or yellow cab, if needed (not included)
Number of tourists: from 1 to 8
Start: near Washington Square Arch
End: near Battery park
Price: from $350

Cover Photo for Downtown Walking Tour with New York Tours Plus
Downtown Walking Tour Descripton

NYC Downtown Walking Tour

Residents of small (up to 5 million people:) and cozy cities often ask to do a “walking tour of New York City center” for them…


Although our city is relatively cozy (no), it cannot be described as small in any way, and its center is located on a long and narrow island, so we don’t have a single “center”, like in radially planned (round) cities., Rather, of course there is a center, but not one, but two or even three places that could be named ‘centers’ of NYC.


Conventionally the island of Manhattan (the central district of New York) is divided into three parts: Downtown, Midtown and Uptown. Since everything is always bigger in America :), I decided to split a walking tour ‘of the city center’ into two parts: Downtown and Midtown walking tours.


Walking tour of lower Manhattan is for those tourists, who like to walk a lot and "feel" new cities on their own feet!


The main attractions on our route are:


— Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty (views from Manhattan);

— the Charging Bull (that must be touched in the right places for your wishes to come true:), Holy Trinity Church, Canyon of Heroes (Broadway);

— Wall Street, New York Stock Exchange, Washington Monument, Federal Hall;

— 9/11 Memorial, the site where the twin towers stood, the Freedom Tower (the tallest building in the USA), the wonderful Oculus building;

— New York City Hall, Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall, Municipal Quarter, Courts;

— Chinatown, Little Italy;
— SoHo, Greenwich Village.


Since even the most ardent hikers will not be able to completely avoid transport in New York, sometimes, we will have to make several trips by subway and / or taxi. New York subway and yellow taxi are an integral part of your trip to New York!

This is a private tour, a licensed sightseeing guide of New York City is at your disposal throughout the entire tour.

Photos of Downtown Walking tour
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