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Museum of Modern Art
Private guided tour of MoMa highlights

Duration: 3 hrs
Transport: not included 
Number of tourists: from 1 to 6
Meet the guide: in the museum 
Price: from $360 + entrance tickets

Museum Of Modern Art Tour with New York Tours Plus
MoMa Tour Description

Private Guided Tour of Museum of Modern Art in New York City

Two and a half million visitors a year can't be wrong. MoMa is, beyond any doubt, the best modern art museum in the world. Five floors of painting, sculpture, installations, photography, film and design that cannot leave indifferent those who love art.


The wife of John D. Rockefeller Jr., Abby Aldridge-Rockefeller, the founder of the museum, at first was refused by her husband to finance the museum "this daub", because her husband was a connoisseur of classical painting and sculpture ... But she opened a museum of modern art against his will and without spouse funding. Seeing that the newly minted museum was doing well, Rockefeller Jr., one of the greatest art patrons, agreed to support his wife's initiative, and so MoMa found a place for himself right in the center of Manhattan - on West 53rd Street.

Today, MoMA can satisfy the "artistic appetite" of any visitor - from those who want to understand modern art ("why these two stripes cost $ 84 million") to real connoisseurs and collectors ("I bought this author at Sotheby's recently ").

A tour of MoMa lasts about 3 hours, takes place on any day, usually in the afternoon, depending on the busy schedule. The start of the tour is in the entrance lobby of MoMA, next to the souvenir shop. Transportation to/from the museum is not included in the price of the tour, you can order it separately. The price of the tour does not include your entrance tickets ($25), the guide does not need to buy an entrance ticket - I am a member of the MoMA and I can admire contemporary art for free.


Photos of the MoMa
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