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New York City Tour - Day 2
Exploring Boroughs of NYC:
Brooklyn, Uptown Manhattan, The Bronx

Duration: 7 hrs full tour or 4 hrs express tour

Type of the tour: private

Transport: minivan Mercedes Metris

Number of tourists: from 1 to 6

Pickup: at your hotel or address

Drop-off: anywhere in Manhattan
Price: 7 hrs - $700; 4 hrs - $500

Brooklyn Bridge
NYC Day 2 Boroughs Tour Description

New York City Boroughs Tour aka ‘Second Day in New York’ Tour is the best choice of the NYC tours if and when:

- you have already been to New York City, especially if you already went on NYC sightseeing tour day 1 with us;

- you want to see some ‘untouristy’ and ‘unusual’ places in New York;
- your schedule is tight and you don’t have much time in NYC, but you want to learn about New York as much as possible;

- you are an experienced traveler, choosing the best in terms of the quality and quantity of information received and want to know as much as possible about the city, asking the question: "What ELSE can I see in New York?".

For you, I prepared a special “second day” or “second time” tour of New York, which includes those areas of the city and attractions that a regular sightseeing tour does not cover;

Here’s what you’ll see and learn about during the ‘Second Day Tour of New York City’:

  • Manhattan’s Uptown: 

    • the largest cathedral in the USA, its history and surroundings (there is a chance to see a white peacock living at the cathedral); 

    • Columbia University: history and modernity, students and presidents, awards and traditions;

    • Harlem that we lost and that remains: the Hamilton mansion, quiet atypical Harlem, the City University, the hotel of Fidel and Muhammad, the Clintons' office, townhouses; 

    • Riverside Church and the Ulysses Grant memorial;

  • The Bronx

    • the stadium of the most titled professional sports team in the world, the New York Yankees;

    • Little Italy;

  • Brooklyn

    • Bushwick, where very creative people live: amazing graffiti and delicious food; 

    • Williamsburg, ultra-Orthodox Jewish area, their customs, clothes, wigs, hats, holidays and weekdays; 

    • breathtaking panorama of Manhattan and bridges over the East River, the famous place numerous movie sets where you can take pictures against the backdrop of a narrow street and the Manhattan Bridge; 

    • Brighton Beach, a Russian-speaking area of ​​New York.


This is a private tour, a licensed sightseeing guide of New York City is at your disposal throughout the entire tour.

Photos from NYC Day 2 Boroughs tour
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