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Washington DC Tour  
Exploring the Capital of the Nation

Duration: 6 hrs or 4 hrs
Type of the tour
: private, only for you, not in the group   
Transport: Minivan or SUV
Number of tourists: from 1 to 8
Pickup: at your hotel in DC
Drop-off: restaurant or hotel in DC
Price: from $500

Washington Monument as seen at New York Tours Plus Washington DC Tour
Description of Washington DC Tour

Private Sightseeing Tour of Washington DC

The capital of the United States is a unique city, primarily because it was designed, planned and built specifically as the capital of our nation. The first thing that catches your eye is that Washington is different from New York, there are no high skyscrapers and "stone jungles", crowds of thousands and conspicuous bright advertising. But there are wide avenues, lots of trees and parks, monumental life-affirming architecture, scores of free museums and monuments, embassies, offices and memorials.

Complete private 6-hour sightseeing tour of Washington with professional licensed guide will help you get to know the US capital in comfort of our car as well as while walking around the streets of DC. It will start in the lobby of your hotel, and after the tour we’ll drop you off at the place of your request, either in one of the restaurants, or back in your hotel.


Here is what we will see and discuss:

— Library of Congress, the largest library in the world - we will get inside and enjoy one of the most beautiful building interiors in Washington;

— the building of the US Congress - the one on the $50 bill;

— National Mall - a large park/boulevard around which Washington itself was planned and built;

— we go with a short introductory tour to one or two museums: the US National Gallery, the Air and Space Museum or the US National Archives;

— museums, galleries, memorials, ministries and embassies along the National Mall;

George Washington's obelisk - the most Masonic of all Masonic symbols and the tallest stone building in the world;

— the residence of the Presidents of the United States - the White House (if we're lucky, we'll see the President);

— original memorials of World War II, Korean and Vietnam War;

— Abraham Lincoln Memorial ($5 bill, stunning views like in famous movies);

— the Pentagon, the US Air Force memorial, the 911 memorial (the only location from where you can take pictures of the Pentagon building);

All places ABOVE are included in 4-hour tour, while the 6-hour tour cover all above plus the following places:

— Georgetown - the old historical center of the city;
— Arlington Memorial Cemetery - we go in and walk around the front part, we will see the grave of President Kennedy; 

— The Diplomatic Mile is a beautiful street where dozens of embassies from all over the world are located.

This city leaves no one indifferent, come and see for yourself! 


This is a private tour, a licensed sightseeing guide is at your disposal throughout the entire tour.

Photos from Washington DC Tour
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