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Happy Tourists Jumping with Joy with their Happy Tour Guide

Word of Mouth

"In October 2016 my mother and I took private tour of New York City and the tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art highlights. Our guide was Yaroslav Bondarenko. To say that we are very satisfied is to say nothing. Everything was SUPER GOOD! Thanks to these tours, we not only learned a lot of new things, saw the main sights of New York, as far as it was possible to cover in such a short period of time, but also felt at home in New York. These were very interesting and very "live" days, we can say that we became friends with the City! All our wishes were taken into account, not one question remained unanswered, how a person can know so much and remember all this, one can only be surprised. In short - bravo! If someone is thinking of booking or not booking a tour with Yaroslav, then there is nothing to think about - YES, do book it!"

Inga A.

Kyiv | Ukraine 

"Having met Yaroslav for the third time as a guide in the USA, I decided that I owed him a review. During my first visit to New York, almost a year ago, while talking with Yaroslav and listening to an incredibly large amount of information he gave at the tour, I sometimes looked to see if he had an earphone in which he was secretly listening to some clues:). But no, there were no clues, only massive erudition, love for his work and tons of professional knowledge. Well, incredible charisma should be mentioned as well:).
To make a long story short: if you want to get professional and mega-informative support in any museum or place in New York City in particular and in the USA in general, contact Yaroslav."

Olga Akh.

Kyiv | Ukraine

"We visited New York on October 25-29, 2018. We are very grateful to Yaroslav for the impressions that he gave us from meeting with New York. Thanks to his punctuality, mobility and patience, we managed to see many wonderful places and famous sights. From meeting at the airport to departure, we knew that there was a person in New York who was ready to help us))) Yaroslav, thanks again and see you again:))
Kayrat, Svetlana, Elena"

Svetlana K.

Almaty | Kazakhstan

"Everything is fine. Informative. Punctually.

There is nothing to complain about even if you want."

Alex B.

Haifa | Israel

"Yaroslav, we want to say thank you for the tour of NY 01/07/19. Despite the terrible cold, the memories are the warmest. Sincerely, Olena and Andriy."

Olena T.

Yalta | Ukraine

"Many thanks to Yaroslav for an amazingly interesting tour of New York! Our whole family, including two teenage children, was delighted with the guide’s ability to tell interesting stories about the city, present various facts, historical moments, choose the right route, competently and professionally answer the most tricky questions and at the same time be an interesting companion for both adults and children."

Nadezhda M.

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